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Walter A. Frey, Sr & Helen


Walter Armin Frey, Sr. answered the calling to become a funeral director in the city of Lorain in 1943.  He came here as a young man in his early twenties with his parents, Molly and Armin Frey from West Boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio.  This was a dream of a lifetime for him.


His parents sold their home to invest the funds in the newly established Walter A. Frey Funeral Home at the present address of 700 West Erie Avenue.  This was the sight of the first funeral home in the Ohio territory;  in fact, the Parkside Chapel was one of the first structures to be built as a funeral home in the United States. At a time when it was customary to have the funeral in the deceased home, this was extremely innovative.


The Walter A. Frey Funeral Home has always ardently strived to keep up with the newest trends in funeral service while continuing to offer the most outstanding service tradition. When Walter, Sr. first started his service to the greater Lorain area, many people had told him that they wouldn't have been able to get through that difficult time without his help. That same commitment to service is always present in every funeral that the home handles.


An intense passion for service has continually driven the extremely high quality of service which is offered by the Walter A. Frey Funeral Home. It is a passion in the heart of Walter A. Frey, Jr. who took full control of the business in 1980 which has made the services very special.